Marcus Trescothick, Somerset CCC, England  

"Its no coincidence during the best period in my career I was trained by Steffan Jones. During the early 2000, with the encouragement of the England management Steffan prepared me for a number of England Tours. 

I can safely say his methods worked . Whether it was doing Plyometric jumps, strongman training, Olympic lifting, Max strength weight training or Sprint training every method was both challenging and cricket specific. I wont hesitate in recommending any professional or amateur cricket using Steffan training programs. It worked for me and I'm convinced it will work for you."


Justin Langer, Australian Legend 

"Throughout my career I played with more talented or skilled cricket players than Steffan Jones but there were few who I played with who were more committed to excellence than Steff was. 

He worked as hard as any player I played with, squeezing every last inch out of his God-given talent. Because of this Steff earned great respect and admiration from everyone he came in contact with.

Having played with and against the mad Welshman, I know that Steff was a warrior on the cricket field and a consummate professional off it. In terms of training ethic Steff stood apart from the crowd. Because of his incredible capacity for work, Steff was brilliant to play with because you knew that he would give every ounce of himself to help the team secure a result. You also know that he would leave no stone unturned to get the best out of himself.

Great leadership is about great example and there are few better examples of commitment to excellence than Steffan Jones. I would have no hesitation following and trusting any of his training programs because I know he would never ask me to do anything he wouldn't or hasn't already done himself. This is great leadership.

Throughout my playing days Steff was one of my favourite team mates. His infectious attitude and love for life and passion for training and excellence was inspiring. He is a brilliant bloke who I know inspires everyone he rubs shoulders with. I would have Steffan Jones in my corner any day of the week."

Martin Guptill, New Zealand Opening Batsman 

"Steffan's training helped me a lot while being in England. I got noticeably fitter and stronger within weeks. He makes it fun for everyone involved and is extremely passionate about what he does."

Ben Phillips, 

Somerset, Notts, Northants, Kent

"I was fortunate enough to meet Steffan during our time playing together at Northampton 8 years ago.

I was struggling with injuries at that stage of my career and was immediately drawn to Steffan by his vast knowledge of strength and conditioning and his impeccable work ethic. 

I have no doubt that my performance in recent years have only benefited from help and advice provided by Steffan . At 38 I am stronger, more powerful and leaner than I have ever been and still playing top flight professional cricket.

During a twenty year career playing professional sports together with vast amounts of time and money Steffan has invested in gaining knowledge in training methods. I would happily recommend him to anybody looking to improve their own performance and get the cutting edge over competition
Kate Stalker, ECB Consultant Physiotherapist Former Derbyshire and NZ Blackcaps Physiotherapist

"Steffan Jones is one of the most passionate people I have ever worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable about training, supplementation and development of mental toughness. 

His enthusiasm for his training, be it cricket or gym work, is infectious and inspirational. He is professional at all times, constantly researching all that he does in order to gain that elusive extra 1%. His ability to coach and explain things is fantastic, and is designed for each individual, both in what their requirements are, and also how they learn and are encouraged. 

I would highly recommend anyone seeking cricket coaching or any type of fitness work to get in touch with Steff, it'll change your sporting career!"

Ian Brewer, 
Physiotherapist, Somerset Cricket Club  

"To have played First Class Cricket and Premiership Rugby not only shows the natural sporting talent Steff possess, but also highlights his exceptional work ethic, commitment and pure desire to achieve. Combine this with his vast knowledge and experience in strength and conditioning and you have all the attributes for a hugely successful coach."

I have known Steffan now for five years. I have had the pleasure of knowing him on and off the Cricket field, in and out of the gym, and where he excels the most, being a dedicated family man.

I find it hard to begin to find the words to explain my admiration for Steff, and all I can do is speak about my own personal experiences with him. Steff is one of the most approachable men I have ever come across. A man who has dedicated his life to training and making himself the best he can possibly be. A model professional who's attitude towards the whole lifestyle surrounding being a Professional Cricketer is a shining example to any young Professional.

His knowledge of strength and Condition just seems endless. What's more impressive is his ability to adapt this knowledge to a wide range of sports, and also knowing the correct time to do this training so that on match day your are at your peak and ready to perform at your best. Away from the blood sweat and tears in the gym is a man hugely respected in the dressing room. One of those rare characters who can make the whole team laugh, smile and get everyone pumped up and ready to tackle the gruelling demands of Professional Cricket.

He also impressed me immensely with his abilities as a bowling coach. When I was going through a tough time pre-season, Steff was there to help. Spending good quality time in the indoor school talking, watching video footage, and doing drills, until I finally gained more and more confidence and began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His approach towards improving my situation was inspiring and the variety of drills we were doing always made training exciting. He thinks outside the box and I know the things we were doing have caught the eye of people high up in the coaching world. 

Steffan has been there as a team-mate, a training partner, a coach and most importantly a friend. They say to be successful you have to surround yourself with people who inspire you, are motivated and driven, always looking to improve and better themselves, well Steff is certainly one of those people and I'm sure his influence will rub off on many more people, as it has on me.

Mark Turner

Durham CCC, Somerset CCC and Derbyshire CCC

"Over the past 2 years I have worked with Steff as a player and bowling coach at DCCC. Throughout this time Steff always proved to be a true professional in all aspects of his training, coaching and preparation. He was a great role model to a number of the younger players and was always happy to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences. 

There is no doubt that his long and lustrous career was achieved due to his time and dedication spent on constantly improving his physical performance...even in his final year of county cricket he was one of the hardest working players. It was a pleasure working with someone with so many similar views on training."

Luke Storey, Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach
Derbyshire County Cricket Club

"Whilst I have been playing with and against Steff over the past eight years. I learnt to not only value Steff opinion with regards to fitness and strength in cricket but actually asked him to write my winter program up.I can honestly say that for the first time  in my career I reached my goals and targets that I was missing in the years gone by. I felt stronger and fitter than I ever have, through obvious hard work & very  detailed quality advise and programs."


Ant Botha 

Warwickshire CCC, Derbyshire CCC

"Having played against Steff many times I know what a great competitor he is. It was when I joined Derbyshire in 2011 I saw why Steff has has such a long and successful career.

I took on board his own ideas on training and preperation and incorperated them into my pre match routine as well as following his example and increasing my own in-season strength sessions to make sure I could be strong and explosive all season long.

His experience and knowledge in strength, conditioning and nutrition for bowlers is second to none.

My bowling sessions with Stef were always innovative, enjoyable and to the point. A particular emphasis for me was death bowling which he was one the best on the circuit at throughout his career.

Its no coincidence that I had my best season after working with Steff and the changes he has helped me make in my preparation and my bowling have been huge."

Antonio Palladino

Derbyshire CCC, Essex CCC


"In the short time we worked together, Steff helped with his coaching methods, my mental approach to first class cricket and gave me a lot of belief in myself. He pushed me to work hard at my game and created and executed effective organised sessions that benefited me as a player. As a coach and a senior player Steff set a great example for all the young lads and particularly myself. Since returning to Yorkshire, my performances and skill levels have increased a lot which I owe to the hard work Steff put in with me during my loan spell."


Azeem Rafiq

Yorkshire CCC & England U19 Captain


"I have known Steffan for 12 year and he has always been at the forefront of progression for fitness and strength development in Cricket. He dragged Cricket from the almost amateur status in its approach to Strength & Conditioning to where it is nearing now, as a sport where bowling in particular has a huge importance on being strong, powerful, quick and flexible. His learning never seems so stop and he leaves no stone un-turned  in his quest for knowledge, with which he has shared with so many people over his career and helped a lot of cricketers reach their fitness goals. He is always my first port of call when I want to discuss a training method or talk S&C, and I value his friendship and knowledge in the highest order."

Ross Dewar

Head S&C Worcester CCC


"I had the pleasure of playing with steff for nearly 3 years at Derbyshire CCC, I've learnt a lot from him in that time from a cricket & training point of view! 

With steff having over 15 years in the professional game, he has seen so much & learnt so many different coaching & training methods! I always found if I suggested something about bowling or field settings, steff would be able to give me a clear, logical answer which helped make things more clear for me! Possibly one of the hardest trainers off the field, he has tried & tested many theories & is always happy to pass on his knowledge to us as players! He's always able to back up his theories & is always trying to find out more to improve as a trainer & coach! 

He never does anything half heartedly & tries to make things as enjoyable as possible, which sums up his character & personality!"

Tim Groenewald

Warwickshire CCC, Derbyshire CCC fastest bowler

"Steff's coaching style is unique in the way he treats everyone as an individual, his coaching drills are both specific and knowledgeable and his attention to detail is first class."

Ted McMinn 

Derbyshire Kit Man

Rangers FC, Derby FC, Seville FC


"I have known and worked with Steff for a few years now, and would like to wish him every success in his new venture.  As a player he wore his heart on his sleeve, and he was dedicated to his training, starting at 7 a.m. until kicking out time at Virgin Gym on match days and days off. He would always take players, both injured and fit, with him to the gym, to work on their fitness. 

Steff was a fantastic professional, dedicated, and a winner."

Jon Clare, 
Derbyshire CCC

I would like to start this testimonial off by stating that the programmes I have been privileged enough to be awarded with from Steffan Jones, have really been a major help to me bowling.

I was fortunate enough to get this help during me off season, and was able to work extremely hard on them. It requires 100% commitment to get optimum results, and I assure you; you will get results. Very much directed on cricketing, or should I say bowling specific muscles and so forth.

For the gym and fitness programmes. It really helped me revolutionise me game, work ethic and appreciate how hard you have to work to get to the highest levels possible. Being able to get help from a man who is really passionate about the game, has massive knowledge on it; and seems to really enjoy helping fast bowlers dominate every aspect possible, was an incredible asset

With the hard yard put into following these programmes in a disciplined manner. I am now bowling quicker and better then I ever have and will keep getting better with time. I am truly grateful and couldn't appreciate it any more then I have.

Wouldn't be half as far as I am in terms of fitness, mind set and just general fight on the park if it wasn't courtesy these gym and fitness programmes.

- Aaron Ngongoma 
Twitter follower from Durban,South Africa

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