SJ Enhancing Performance is an online cricket clinic providing technical and physical assistance to cricketers of all levels. 

These programs are designed specifically for aspiring male or female cricketer.  The techniques used are high intensity and varied. 

During my long career I have experimented with all the techniques used, I can guarantee the ones you will be using work!

The minimum time frame for these programs are 4 weeks. You simply tell me through the initial evaluation form which disciplne and what phase you need and I will do the rest.

These programs are not generic they are individualized. 

1. Initial Assessment: Every cricketer begins the program with a mandatory evaluation. This is used to assess current ability, identify strengths and weaknesses. Using the information from the evaluation, every cricketer will have  program that is designed to fit their individual needs and goals. This program will be some combination of the 9 components dependant on the training phase. 

2. Linear speed Training:  Basic speed over 40m
3. Acceleration Training: Speed up to 20m
4. Agility Training: Sport specific movement

5. Strength Training: Relative strength, Limit strength, Functional Hypertrophy 

6. Power Training: Plyometric jumps and throws, Olympic lifting and their variations, Strength-speed lifts, Strongman events [Tyre flips, Prowler pushing etc]


Technical training: Through the use of my own technique PIPe system I can improve the discipline you select, bowling, batting, fielding or wicket keeping. 
Potentiate the skill with various drills,Med balls, Jumps, Absorption drills etc
Improve the skill with various drills
Perform the skill
Evaluate the performance
8. Conditioning: Both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning will be improved which will enable you to perform more efficiently and for longer

9Nutrition and Supplement advice: I will advise you what supplements you can take and what diet you could follow. This is not mandatory, you can eat what you want and take what you want. My advise will simply enhance your results. 

Note to Fast Bowlers

I have designed my own specific BOWLING SPEED program which I guarantee will  increase your speed by at least 5mph in 12 weeksFACT!!  

All-Rounder 12 Week Program

£ 140.00 

Batsman 12 Week Program

£ 180.00 

Wicketkeeper 12 Week Program

£ 180.00 

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All-Rounder 8 Week Program

£ 100 

Batsman 8 Week Program

£ 100 

Wicketkeeper 8 Week Program

£ 100 

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All-Rounder 4 Week Program

£ 50 

Batsman 4 Week Program

£ 50 

Wicketkeeper 4 Week Program

£ 50