"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings" - Hodding Carter, Jr.

Parent's take on SJEP Bowling Workshop

Player: Gem Collin, Age 15, SCCC  U17 Bowler

Program: Customized Bowling, S&C program

"It is a difficult path to find the right coach for your son when he is 15, 6’4”, a reasonably fast bowler and has already had back problems. Sensible, ordered work from an experienced professional is what is required.

Steff brings immense skill and knowledge to the table. His range of exercises is inspiring and certainly was new to me and my lad. He instantly seemed to be able to sum up my boy and we found his use of the medicine ball and heavy cricket balls was spot on. All the techniques were thoroughly explained, but the best thing was that they were obviously thought up by someone who understood the nature of fast bowling, and therefore exercised specific parts of the body.

All this was delivered with a smile and there was a very pleasant feel to the session. I can’t recommend Steff’s techniques and fitness programmes enough."

- Charlie Crossley, father of Gem Collin

Player:  Jack Timmins

Program: One-to-One Bowling, S&C program

"My son Jack Timmins has been professionally coached since the age of 13 , he is now sixteen. The principles and techniques for fast bowling have been carefully coached to great effect. What Steff Jones has done is to develop the strength and co-ordination within him to maximize the effect of good technique. Simply, Steff has isolated the key muscle groups required to bowl quick and then set simple, extremely safe yet highly effective  conditioning routines (the weighted ball in particular ). Jack first saw Steff in January, he could deliver then an accurate length ball at 65 mph, last week he bowled a similar ball at 73 mph.."

Nigel Timmins, father of Jack Timmins

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Player: Aadil Rashid WCCC U15 Fast Bowler

Program: Speed Demon Bowling

"Steffan Jones is an awesome talent that we have been fortunate to have been exposed to.

Steffan is extremely knowledgeable and works with his students at a level that gets everyone to give their maximum output and therefore to get the appropriate results which Steffan guarantees. The ‘Speed Demon Program’ specifically requires a level of commitment and dedication that sorts out the men from the boys."

All the hard work is paying off with Aadil now visibly bowling quicker than he previously did, by a range of probably 5-8 miles an hour. I can honestly confirm that technique took Aadil go to a certain level, however the strength and conditioning program that Steffan wrote and is following have significantly helped towards an increase in pace and an elite level of fitness."

- Mohammed Fiaz Rashid, father of Aadil Rashid

Player: Edward Eminson (Somerset U-12; Participant ECB U-13 "Talent Test" 2012)

Program: One-to-One S&C program

"Steffan's philosophy concentrates upon 'building the athlete' to minimise the risk of injury. Steffan sets, expects and demands the highest standards."

- Robert Eminson, father of Edward Eminson

 Player: Waqas Latif, Oxfordshire U-19

Program: One-to-One Bowling

"We attended a 3 hour fast bowling workshop which Steffan ran on February 27th 2013.The workshop was very useful and he went through the specific strength and conditioning  exercises necessary for fast bowling.

We found Steffan to be extremely down to earth and very knowledgeable in this field.My son Waqas found his workshop highly effective in finding out how to improve overall strength with the use of medicine balls and other exercises and drills to build explosive strength.

Steffan works very well with kids and they respond well to him.We would have no hesitation in recommending his workshops to any parent that wants correct strength and conditioning exercises or advice on getting fit for fast bowling."

Mohammed Latiffather of Waqas Latif

Program: One-to-One Bowling

"One of the Finest Cricket Coaches in Great Britain. As a proud Welshman I would love to see welsh cricket benefit from Steffan Jones being involved at the top of Welsh cricket where I am sure he would make a huge impact. A Coach of the highest calibre who is always encouraging his students with the latest ideas and techniques."