"I have known Steffan now for nearly 15 years. Having worked with him in developing his speed, I will never forget watching him take four wickets at Lords in a one day final against Leicester. Every ball he bowled was over 92 miles an hour, the batsman was shell shocked. He took four wickets and during this period he was one of the fastest bowlers in the world. With his sports science background, experience and knowledge makes him one of the most well qualified, all round bowling coaches for speed not only in the UK but in the world of cricket."

- Alan Pearson, Managing Director, SAQ International Ltd.

"The first time I met Steffan he was more of a Rugby player who fancied playing a bit of cricket but with determination and a massive amount of hard work he has had a very successful first class career.


I've watched Steffan coaching from close quarters and I know he'll be a great success, he is innovative, hard working and makes his sessions focused but fun for the player.


Steff didn't have it easy as a player and he's now trying to work out how he could have been better, anyone who'll be lucky enough to work with him will benefit from this fabulous mindset.


A word of warning, don't go to a session with any thoughts of mediocrity, Steff will not put up with that, he'll push players to their limits but only with their best interests at heart, go in with an open mind and hard work ethic and you will improve." 

Kevin Shine, ECB Lead Fast Bowling Coach   

"I first came across Steff in 2006 when we both were playing for Derbyshire CCC and my first impressions were a conscientious,hard working, forward thinking cricketer who enjoyed everything he did and left nothing to chance.

I'm glad to see he has taken these values into his new vocation and with his knowledge of cricket and his background in Strength and Conditioning you have a very qualified individual that is at the sharp end of the modern game."

- Graeme Welch, 
Warwickshire CCC Bowling Coach
"Over his career Steff has stood out as a player who is totally committed and dedicated to being in the best physical shape possible, in order to deliver his best game on the day. He has gone against the grain and been counter-cultural in the days when strength training did not play as big a part in the game of cricket as it does today. Along the way Steff has persevered and has proved to be an excellent role model to young, developing team mates, as well as seasoned professionals. 

Steff has a unique blend of owning a well thought out philosophy of training, but at the same time is hungry to read, research and discuss to develop his knowledge and understanding of the disciple of Strength & Conditioning. 

As a professional cricketer, much of his experience is within cricket, particularly developing expertise towards physical preparation for fast bowling. However, Steff's skills and experience lie much broader than with just one sport. Having played rugby at a high level, and coached athletes from a range of sports, coupled with his knowledge of the principles of training, Steff is extremely well placed to deliver Strength & Conditioning to any sports person at the highest level of their game. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Steff both as an excellent individual and a Strength & Conditioning coach." 

Pete McKnight, UKSCA Board of Directors, 

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Annecy, France  

"Steffan Jones was a professional cricketer for well over a decade and during this time gained immense respect across all the counties for his attitude and passion on the park, what was far more impressive was his level of professionalism and commitment to being the best he could possibly be. A pioneer in changing the attitude towards training and playing. exploring every opportunity to gain an advantage and to push the boundaries of performance."

Jason Kerr, 
Somerset CCC Academy Director

"I have known and worked with Steffan for almost his entire career in County Cricket. 

With regard to his attitude to Strength & Conditioning, his dedication to improving his physical performance as a fast bowler and his constant desire to test and evaluate many of the current training methods, he was probably 10 years ahead of his time and I have no doubt the knowledge he has accrued over the years will be passed forward with the same level of dedication.

It's good to see him over this side of the boundary rope!" 

Darren Veness ASCC, 
Somerset County Cricket Club
 Head of Strength and Conditioning