Thought of the day." Role of the trainer". 

S&C role is to increase performance. Physio role is to keep athletes on the field. In a nutshell, one builds them the other fixes them! The key thing for me is that for an S&C there's a balance between not doing enough and pushing the athlete too far. There is a risk of injury because you're putting external stress on the body. The key is the right stress at the right time. That's how you improve. 

 However you must never forget your main aim as a trainer is to increase performance. Worst thing you can do is spend 3/4 of the session doing prehab work. That will not cut it. It does have its place though. However its only a small part of the session. Without a proper periodised Strength / Power/ Speed and conditioning program the athlete will not return because his performance will not be improved during the season. That's what separates a good S&C with an adequate one. Having the knowledge and confidence to push his/her athletes. This does however depend on having a coach or management who appreciate your role and accepts the dangers of it. 

 Like I've always said ,"Technique isn't the only thing, its a small thing. If technique was the only thing, women cricketers would be bowling as quick as men. This shows the value of High performance strength and power training".